Simple Marketing Techniques For Real-Life Results

It’s easy to get caught up in endless theory, and difficult to pull practical marketing techniques out of the fluff that permeates the books, blog posts, and podcasts available today.

Real-Life Marketing Techniques

Earlier this year (in my annual review) I committed to learn with greater focus throughout 2016.

Practically, that means for the first quarter of the year I had a single focus―marketing.

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Why We’re Closing the Doors on an Evergreen Course

Four months ago, we opened registration on a course with the intention of keeping the doors open long-term. Our strategy has changed, and this new approach will actually be better for everyone involved.

Why We're Closing the Doors on an Evergreen Course

The Backstory

In June of 2015, I launched my first video course, The Get Noticed!™ Theme Unlocked.

Registration was open for just ten days, and we generated roughly $10,000 in sales from a list of about 250 people (full story here).

Then we closed registration for three full months.

When we re-opened registration in September, we added a new twist to try something out.

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How to Use Your ROTI to Make Calculated Business Decisions

Running a business feels like flying without radar―there aren’t any roads in the sky! Most business owners make decisions based on their gut, but they’d make better decisions if they calculated their ROTI.

How to Use Your ROTI to Make Calculated Business Decisions
Your ROTI (or Return On Time Invested) is an important business metric to monitor, if you want to make decisions based on cold, hard facts.

In a previous post, I broke down the purpose of ROTI, and three metrics for measuring the value of your time. They were:

  1. Average ROTI,
  2. Peak ROTI, and
  3. Target ROTI.

The metrics relate to each other like this:

Target ROTI

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