Episode 17: The Best of “Unleash Your Blog” from 2016

The Unleash Your Blog Podcast

In this episode of the Unleash Your Blog podcast, I revisit some of the most important content from past podcast episodes with ongoing commentary to tie it all together.

This is a solid foundation in what you need to know about building an online business from your blog, whether you’re new to the podcast or have been following along since the very first episode.

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My Annual Review (2016): The Year I Quit My Day Job… Twice!

This is my second year writing an “annual review” post to reflect on what went well, what did not go well, and what I will change in the coming year. This post is especially helpful for me, but I hope you can learn something from it as well.

For this year’s “backstory”, you might enjoy reading my annual review from last year, My Annual Review (2015): The Year We Birthed a Business and a Baby.

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Episode 15: The Fastest Way to Establish Yourself as an Industry Expert

In this episode of the Unleash Your Blog podcast, Danny Coleman and I talk about how get started on the Clarity coaching platform, and use that to establish your topic expertise.

Clarity.fm is a platform for experts to charge for advice by the minute, which handles all billing, scheduling, and even reviews for you.

Follow the advice in this episode to optimize your Clarity coaching profile and get started with paid coaching services right from the start.

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Episode 14: Why ConvertKit is The Best Email Marketing Software for Bloggers

In this episode of the Unleash Your Blog podcast, Danny Coleman and I compare ConvertKit to every other email marketing solution to explain why ConvertKit is best option for professional bloggers.

In short, ConvertKit is incredibly easy-to-use for both serving and building your email list, but still has advanced tagging capabilities and automated email sequences.

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