What it Really Takes to Get 10,000 Loyal Subscribers

In last week’s post, we talked about the value of an email list―and I introduced my list-building mentor, Bryan Harris. This week we’re going to dive deeper into that topic.

Get 10,000 Subscribers with Bryan Harris

Bryan has been doing an incredible job teaching people how to create successful online businesses by focusing on one thing first:

⇒ Building an email list ⇐

At this point, you know you need to build an email list. You may even know how to get started.

But what does it take to get 10,000 email subscribers?

What is Your Email List Actually Worth?

Do you ever look at your email list and think you don’t have “enough” subscribers? Yet I know people with 30,000 who think the same thing. The value of an email list is about much more than size.

This month, our content theme been online marketing.

Specifically, we’ve focused on real-life techniques you can directly apply to your business.

  1. After a 3-month focus on marketing, I summarized top takeaways in a post on this blog.
  2. Next, we selected a specific skill-set to focus on, and published Copywriting 101.
  3. Today, we’re going to dive into my favorite marketing topic: building an email list.

How to Sell Anything to Anyone (With One Simple Skill)

It’s easy to look around at full-time bloggers and think, “Wow, they’re either lucky or know something that I obviously don’t!” If you had a hunch there was something going on behind the scenes… you were right.

How to Sell Anything to Anyone (With One Simple Skill)

One year ago today, I had never sold a product of my own.

The most money I’d ever made online was $100 (from two friends who signed up for A Small Orange).

Today, I run an online business full-time.

Simple Marketing Techniques For Real-Life Results

It’s easy to get caught up in endless theory, and difficult to pull practical marketing techniques out of the fluff that permeates the books, blog posts, and podcasts available today.

Real-Life Marketing Techniques

Earlier this year (in my annual review) I committed to learn with greater focus throughout 2016.

Practically, that means for the first quarter of the year I had a single focus―marketing.

What I Learned From This Year’s Reader Survey

Every year, I run a reader survey to learn more about the people who follow this blog, so I can re-evaluate (and improve) the content focus moving forward.

Reader Survey Results

This post is fairly selfish, focused on what me and my team can learn from these results.

I share these results publicly because I hope you’re inspired―I want you to think of how you can get similar data from your audience to make strategic business decisions this year.