I’m looking forward to speaking at January’s meeting of the Middle Tennessee Christian Discussion Group, where I’ve spoken before. This time I’ll be speaking on Bitcoin from the Christian perspective.

Date: January 5, 2015
Time: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Event: Middle Tennessee Christian Discussion Group
Topic: The Christian Message of the Bitcoin Revolution
Location: Franklin, TN
Public: Private

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How to Pursue Your Passion While Working a Full-time Job

You know one thing we all have in common? Dreams. The aspiration to grow and achieve more is part of what makes us human. It’s who we are. Too often, responsibility and “realism” are all that hold us back..

How to Pursue Your Passion While Working a Full-time Job

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For the last year, I’ve built a growing businesses I enjoy while working a full-time job.

Before accepting a leadership position within Chick-fil-A, I worked for a non-profit campus ministry for nearly a year and a half. Both jobs have been great, but neither satisfies the craving I know in my soul—the craving to do more.

How to Change Email Overload into Inbox Zero

In one form or another, email has been around for nearly fifty years. While it may not be the newest technology, it is certainly one of the most popular, with nearly 200 billion emails sent each day.


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I remember my first email account. I played the violin and thought I was clever, so I set it up as “fiddledbrain@aol.com”.

It was fun for about a minute, but then the deluge came—advertisements, newsletters, and other unwanted spam.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

I hope you are enjoying good food and fellowship with family and friends by now (wow, that’s a lot of “F”s).

My wife and I are having a relaxed morning at home before we head to my parents’s house to spend time with them (and eat lots of food) and then head to her parents’s house to do the same (with lots of cousins and aunts, to boot).

Instead of writing a second post this week, I decided to link to a couple of posts written this week by my friend and mentor, Michael Hyatt:

Each post reflects the spirit of this season better than I could, so I whole-heartedly encourage you to take a minute and read each of them.

Also, if you didn’t catch this week’s post I wrote on Six Simple Ways to Practice Thankfulness in Daily Life, now’s a good time to do that ;) .

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