How the Two-Minute Rule Saved My Life from Overwhelming Confusion

We’ve all been there. Life is busy—no, it’s hectic. In the time it took to cross one task off your list, you’ve had to add three more. There never seems to be enough time to get everything done.

How The Two-Minute Rule Saved My Life From Overwhelming Confusion

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The last two years of my life have been about as busy as it gets. In that time, I’ve:

  1. Graduated college,
  2. Married the woman of my dreams,
  3. Grown an online business from scratch, and
  4. Welcomed our first-born son into the world.

And those are just the highlights!

Perhaps that’s why I write so much about productivity.

After all, time is scarce. If we can learn all kinds of super-fancy life hacks and productivity techniques, there’s a change we can get everything done! Right?

What Does it Really Mean to be a “Workaholic”?

In the age of opportunity, it seems the most difficult thing to do is take time to rest. Working hard and working long can move things forward—but is it worth the cost in the end?


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Hi, my name is John, and I’m a workaholic.

I’d been sober for a while, until I recently relapsed for at least five weeks.

At the time, I couldn’t see it (nor would I listen to what my wife encouraged me to see).

I was so focused on the prize, that I forgot which race I really wanted to run.

How to Level Up Your Video Course with Help from SweetProcess

Video courses are one of the best ways to teach an in-depth topic to an audience, but if your true goal is education then you need interactive content to help your course members succeed.

How to Level Up Your Video Course with Help from SweetProcess

(Image courtesy of Death to the Stock Photo.)

Earlier this year, I launched my first video course: The Get Noticed!™ Theme Unlocked.

As I was building the course, I paid a lot of attention to what other people built into their membership sites.

Most course builders focus on high-quality videos, but written material is often half-hearted, at best.

The Best Plugin for Managing Your Affiliate Promotions

Affiliate income is nice, but it’s usually a hassle to manage. Between promotions in your sidebar, blog posts, and resource page—wouldn’t it be nice if you could manage everything in one place?

The Best Plugin for Managing Your Affiliate Promotions

In the last month alone, I’ve made over $1,000 from affiliate programs.

That all comes from promoting products I recommend, but that someone else took the time to create!

Now that I use Affiliate Boxes to manage many of these promotions, the whole process is much easier to handle than it ever was before.

Your New Source for Beautiful AND Functional WordPress Design

For a while now, there’s been a one-size-fits-all approach to WordPress design. As a WordPress user myself, I wasn’t satisfied. So now I’ve partnered with a designer to offer a brand new approach!

Notable Themes

Because of it’s versatility, open-source nature, and ease of use, WordPress is one of the most popular publishing platforms available―powering 23% of all sites on the web.

WordPress plugins, themes, and other design has become a billion-dollar industry in just over 10 years.

There are already countless companies in this space, but they all seem to fall a bit short of the mark.